Hello and welcome!

My name is Monica Borg, and I am an Australian-based digital illustrator and author. I have worked on various projects for businesses, publishers, and authors, from book covers and dust jackets to character cards.

Throughout the years, I’ve always held an interest in all the different forms of art, whether it be literature or visual or musical, but I’ve found a calling in the first two.

I’ve found a love in creating bookish art — in taking the atmosphere of books and translating it into a visual piece for fans and authors to enjoy.

But alongside this, I also write novels — typically along the Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy genres. They’re all still a work-in-progress, but everything takes time, I suppose. Good things come with patience, so I’ll be waiting for the day I can fill this page and my books page with one or more of my own titles!

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, I have lived in the source of Sauron’s eye for over two decades, enduring the blistering heat, torrential rains, destructive cyclones, drop bears and snakes, and every other stereotypical Australian archetype you could think of!

But it’s still a beautiful place to live, and now I spend my time in air-conditioning, studying a bachelor’s degree in animation, majoring in art direction.